Let's Talk Dress

I have been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. I can even remember making my own Barbie clothes whenever I was young -- my sisters and I would have Barbie fashion shows for my Grandma whenever she would visit from St. Louis in the summers. And we rarely missed a Miss America pageant on TV (pen and paper in hand ready to score). I have never had an interest in fashion design, but for whatever reason I become enamored with beautiful runway-style dresses that catch my eye, and I cannot help taking photos and snapping screen shots whenever I come across them. My many "collections" can be found on my Pinterest page. I don't know why I do this. I am not looking for dress ideas for a formal event of any kind, nor am I seeking jewelry design inspiration. I liken it to the urgency of taking a photo of a beautiful bloom or sunset. You just don't want to miss the moment because you may not see something so beautiful and unique again. One of my favorite movies is Phantom Thread. I could watch it over and over, not just because of the dress design aspect (or the scenery, or the music), but also because of the notion of the depth one would voluntarily go to in order to be with the one they love, even when it goes against their very nature. So hopelessly romantic! On Instagram I enjoy following Zac Posen because of the lovely content he posts, including behind the scenes images from his studio operation (and of course his pieces). I also follow theladyofthegoldrings on Instagram because we clearly have the same taste in runway style! Attending a runway show during New York or Paris Fashion Week is definitely at the top of my bucket list. Like every other fashion lover, my latest obsession is a dress with pockets (casual or formal). I'm not sure who came up with this idea or when it began, but praise be! Just something to do with your hands I guess... and great for posing. I recently saw one of the most beautiful prom dresses on one of my students and of course I had to snap a photo. I told her I loved her dress and she was like "It has pockets!" and I was like "I know!" Speaking of prom, the dress that I "had to have" for MY senior prom in 1990 did not have pockets, but the price tag was more than my parents were willing to spend ($400) so I held a garage sale to earn the money for it! LOL. I've heard men say that they prefer the look of woman in casual wear above formal attire, and while I don't beg to differ, I do believe that in these cases they are just so wrong.


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