Austin Fashion Week 2015

This year I participated in the Austin Fashion Week FINALE held on Saturday, April 18th at the Austin Music Hall. I was taken aback at how big Fashion X Austin has grown since 2013 -- tons and tons of emerging talent, including great music! It was a treat to be there on awards night where I was able to see the lovely owners/designers of Rare Trends receive the Golden Boot Award! I met Paola Moore (of Rare Trends) several years ago when she purchased a pair of my earrings. When I saw her again this year we talked about a possible collaboration. I always love meeting and supporting fellow designers and I purchased a fabulous clutch by FINELL. I also got to know the charming sisters of Milkweed. My favorite sale of the night was one of my gold personalized bar necklaces that was ordered to read QUEEN B. In my element!!


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