Fashion X Dallas

What a fun evening! I displayed/sold Cindy Schulze Jewelry at this inaugural event on Thursday, November 6th. My first sale was one of my new pieces -- a vertical gold bar necklace inscribed with the words "L O V E." As always at such events, the best part of the evening for me is having the opportunity to visit with other jewelry designers because we get to talk shop. This year I enjoyed getting to know Madison Patrylick (Mad Jewels), Blaine Bowen (Blaine Bowen Jewelry), and Kristin Miller (Kristin Miller Handcrafted Jewelry). We all have very different styles of design and it is so fun to learn about their processes. I purchased an amazing pair of brass and rose quartz earrings by Kristin Miller, who uses wax casting for her metal components and has stones specifically cut to fit her casts. All of her pieces are like little works of art. I also purchased a trendy turquoise beaded bracelet with a horn tusk pendant by Mad Jewels. You just want to be this girl's friend! And I will... And I learned so much from Blaine Bowen, who designs incredible unique pieces. ON THE RUNWAY I was digging Mysterious by NPN (Houston, TX) and League of Rebels Menswear (Los Angeles, CA). I had a blast bantering back and forth with my neighbors! Finally, I always enjoy saying hello to Kara Swinney -- wife of Matt Swinney, who founded both Austin Fashion Week and Dallas X Fashion. I'm inspired.


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