Austin Fashion Week - 2013

This year Austin Fashion Week was held at La Zona Rosa, a small intimate concert venue in the warehouse district. I had a good time reconnecting with some of the other market place designers from last year. Cynthia Rodriguez of Crystal4U was especially fun to hang out with. She adds crystal rhinestones (one by one) to anything and everything -- most notably shoes and boots. In fact, several of her shoes were worn on the runways at New York Fashion Week this year. She was also asked by the Real Housewives of Miami to "bling out" their Louboutins. At the end of the show I had the pleasure of meeting Pricilla Barroso of Crowned Bird!! Although it was raining cats and dogs outside at one point (and I found a soggy parking ticket on  my car afterwards), it was a treat to be there on Friday night -- Day 3. And on Saturday night, while I wasn't there to see, model Gabriela Rose wore my jewelry on the runway for awards night!


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