AFW Mash Up Team

I am thrilled to be involved in Austin Fashion Week's Mash Up Team contest this year! AFW Mash Up Teams are comprised of a Photographer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Apparel Designer and Model. Some teams also have a Jewelry Designer, Accessories Designer and Wardrobe Stylist. Each team collaborates to create a concept for one stunning image. I was given the opportunity to work with Alan Sy, Ashanti Maxwell, Tina Johnson, Gabriela Rose, and Evelyn Christiansen. While I was the only "out-of-towner," I was happy to make the drive to Austin when necessary - particularly in the spring when the Texas wildflowers are blooming! Last Friday I drove up to attend the showing of the Mash Up Team photographs at the jClark Gallery. I met Matt Swinney (AFW founder) and his lovely wife Kara, who will be wearing several pieces of my jewelry throughout Austin Fashion Week! I also had the pleasure of meeting Sandra Antoun, Kara's personal stylist, who not only picked out my jewelry for Kara to wear, but is also a finalist for the RISING STAR award at AFW this year. Kendra Scott, a renown designer whose jewelry can be found at high end department stores, is up for the Trailblazer award. All I have to say is THIS IS FUN. Featured is our Mash Up Team photo entitled "Mashed Potatoes." We thought it was a great concept and representation of Austin. The winner of the Mash Up Team contest is determined by both online public voting and critic's choice. I hope you'll vote!

Photographer: Alan Sy
Hair Stylist: Ashanti Maxwell
Makeup Artist: Ashanti Maxwell
Designer: Tina Johnson
Model: Gabriela Rose
Jewelry: Cindy Schulze
Accessories: Evelyn Christiansen


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