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Cannon Lewis, a native Texan, merges her love for texture, colors and the slightly avante-garde with a sensitive approach to life and style. A metal class in the 8th grade sparked a passion for jewelry and she began to dabble with metals and stones alongside her studio art interests. By her junior year of high school Cannon Lewis formed her namesake company, and by her junior year of college, while pursuing a degree in art history, she had accounts with Barney’s New York, Stanley Korshak and other fine stores. Cannon now lives in Los Angeles where she spends her time sketching, laughing & walking.

In my very first blog post I wrote about what inspired me to start making jewelry, and being invited to a Cannon Lewis trunk show (thank you Stacey!) was very much one of those things. Her pieces were so simple and beautiful, and I longed for each and every one of them. I love her story and how her line has evolved. She was also very lovely, both inside and out. I ended up purchasing two necklaces and a pair of earrings, which, along with her never ending creativity, continue to inspire me.


Halfway through recording his first and only solo effort, Jesus Is Alive (And Living In London), the early morning hours of September 3, 2007 left Dallas without one of it’s finest musicians. Carter Albrecht was probably known best for his work with Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, 5parrow5, and Sorta. Carter believed in local music. This is my way of giving back, connecting music lovers to musicians with the idea of giving money back to the music community. Each string a musician plays tell a story. A story we can capture by wearing a design handmade from a string or set of strings a musicians once played, eye on the sparrow designs has donated over $5,000 to the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation since it began in 2009. I couldn’t do it without your continued help. 
-- abbie, owner/designer 

I met Abbie Chesney at Austin Fashion Week (2012) when she was selling her jewelry at a table next to mine at the Driskill Marketplace. As we were frantically setting up my jewelry before the show, I began to wonder if the designer of the empty table next to me was going to show up at all. Then shortly before the event began she came in and set up this awesome display -- filling a guitar case with small pebbles in which to display her jewelry. All of her pieces are made with different kinds of used guitar strings -- very industrial and incredibly cool. As the evening drew to a close I went back to purchase one of her bracelets for my brother-in-law, Jeff, who has played guitar for years in various local bands (currently in Dallas), but she was sold out. Fortunately, she still had business cards. Jeff is probably the most thoughtful gift giver in our family... but he just might be topped this Christmas! 

On a side note... as I was researching her bio for this post, I learned that Abbie suffered from anorexia in her past and has been helping treat people with eating disorders at The LifeWorks Group in Dallas since 2004. Just another reason to love!


Rebecca Lankford started designing jewelry for herself and friends as a hobby about 15 years ago. She decided to enroll in the Glassell School of Art to study photography, but instead gravitated back to jewelry. Rebecca Lankford Designs officially opened in 1993 when a local art gallery picked up the line. The company has since grown steadily, now being sold nationwide as well as in Europe, Japan, and Mexico. Two powerful influences define Rebecca's work: her deeply spiritual upbringing and her mother's contagious passion for creativity. Many of her pieces center on a cross, a form she cherishes for its simple beauty and personal symbolism. The gentle irregularities found in nature can also be found in her jewelry. Rebecca's continually evolving aesthetic strikes a rare balance between tradition and modernity, reverence and revelry. 

I have admired Rebecca Lankford's jewelry for years and seem to spot her pieces everywhere I go. In fact, this past summer I took my daughter to see the Titanic Exhibit at Houston's Museum of Natural Science, and when I stepped into the gift shop I immediately spotted Rebecca Lankford Jewelry. I love the contrast between delicate and edgy that can be seen in so many of her designs, and I dig the fact that she's a fellow Houstonian and cross lover. I received Rebecca's simple gold sideways cross necklace for my birthday this year and have enjoyed wearing it regularly.


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