Christian Louboutin in H-Town!

I had a ball meeting Christian Louboutin and watching him sign my shoe today! Last weekend my husband cut out an ad from Papercity that said Christian Louboutin would be signing soles at Houston's Saks Fifth Avenue, thinking it was something I might be interested in. The day before the event I decided to take the day off from work and go. I brought with me the heels I splurged on at the Christian Louboutin store in Paris on our vacation a couple of years ago, but whenever I got there I learned that he was only signing unworn shoes that were purchased at Saks the week of his visit. Duh! How else would such an affair be profitable? I called my husband with the details and asked him if I should just blow this thing off or blow it out. After all, I wasn't exactly prepared to throw down that kind of money on a random Thursday (we kind of need a new washing machine). But given the fact that I have a man who appreciates the fashion needs of women, he said "You took the day off... this is a once in a lifetime opportunity... you should do it." So I bought these iconic spiky bad boys and CANNOT wait to wear them! I love the world of fashion and enjoyed every minute of the day -- even waiting in that very long line, where I had the opportunity to visit with fellow fashionistas and admire a myriad of red bottomed heels (like, for hours). The live Spanish guitar music, sparkling wine, and horderves didn't hurt. We were in our element! And while our feet may have been killing us, our souls were smiling.


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