Marjorie Skouras Designs
Turquoise Empire Chandelier
As an educator by profession I am often asked "What started this thing?" I have been drawn to the jewelry cases at my favorite shops and boutiques for as long as I can remember (think: opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's). I'm drawn to the sparkle! If pressed (ha) I'd say my very favorite shops for jewelry browsing include Kuhl-Linscomb (Houston), Forty-Five Ten (Dallas), Eliza Page (Austin), ABC Carpet and Home (Manhattan), and Neiman Marcus. I also have always had a passion for fashion and often wished I would have pursued some kind of degree in the fashion industry. My oldest friend and I have even talked about opening a boutique together for years. Then a friend invited me to a trunk show for a jewelry designer out of Dallas named Cannon Lewis, and I remember thinking THAT'S what I want to do! But it wasn't until Hurricane Ike hit Houston in 2008 that I realized my dream could become a reality. While waiting for electricity to be restored in our neighborhood, my family had to bunk at my parent's house for days. I was there flipping through one of my mom's interior magazines and spotted a hand-beaded chandelier that I had to have, but was unfortunately out of my price range. So when life became normal again I decided to try and replicate it using the base of an inexpensive, similar style chandelier that we already had. In my search for the perfect chandelier bead, however, I became sidetracked by all of the natural gemstones I discovered and instead became obsessed with jewelry classes to create my own line. After a while I opened a shop on Etsy and I've sold my jewelry to people all over the US (and Canada). Nothing excites me more than to ship a little piece of myself to someone who is looking forward to one of my pieces! As far as my chandelier goes... let's just say it found a new home in the garage with our other yard sale treasures. On a side note: Marjorie Skouras, the designer for this lighting piece, fittingly describes her creations as "Jewelry for the Home."


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